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At Image Printing we can create a complete corporate identity package for you, with an integrated system of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, signage, custom printed apparel, and advertising specialty items.  We are located at 845 California Avenue in Spartanburg, just off of Asheville Hwy and you can call us at 864-583-8848 or email us at  We are open 8:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri.


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Screen printing has been used for centuries and although there have been many improvements with the technology, the process still consists of forcing ink through a stencil covered fabric or wire mesh which has been mounted in a sturdy frame. The ink goes through only the open areas of the stencil and is deposited onto a printing surface positioned below the frame. Screen printing is very versatile and it is often the only printing process capable of handling certain applications.

Screen printing is the most common form of printing onto textiles. The vast majority of tee shirts sold in malls, department stores, and at events are screen printed, and a long run of screen printed items is exceptionally cost effective.

Since each color to be printed has to be on a separate screen, the artwork and setup for requirements for screen printing is quite complex and time consuming. The more colors and garment locations that you are having screen printed, the more expensive the process will be.

Due to the complexity of the setup involved, screen printing may not be cost effective for producing just a few items. We generally recommend producing at least 12 items for each color and for each location. A less complicated job, such as a one color item printed on just one side, may be resistively cost effective with just a dozen pieces, however, if you desire an item to be printed with six colors on two sides, our recommendation would be to purchase at least 144 items.

When printing onto dark surfaces, an "underbase" is usually required. This underbasing procedure is normally a white layer of ink printed below the visible layers and is typically completely covered by the other color(s). The underbase allows for the visible ink to be clearly apparent and not subdued or washed-out looking. Dark colored garments printed with an underbase will typically have a heavier "hand" (a thicker feel to the printed areas) than a light colored garment printed without an underbase. The underbasing procedure require additional art and setup time, and actually counts as a color (so printing onto dark colored items will be somewhat more expensive than printing onto light colored items). Please take this into consideration when requesting printing on dark colored garments.

The screen printing process is generally not well suited for photo-realistic prints. Since the "dots" of ink are much larger than in most other printing technologies, when viewed close-up, halftone images may appear to be somewhat "grainy", however from a viewing distance of a few feet, the individual halftone dots are not distinctly visible and do tend to create a natural blending of color.

Screen printing does not "wash out" like transfers or digital prints, and can last for hundreds of washings if washed in cold water and turned inside out (to protect the print from abrasion).

Screen Printing FAQ's

Can you print of picture of my grandchild?
We can. But the screen printing process never gives you true photograpic quality, screen printing is typically used to mass produce a large volume of custom printed apparel and is not well suited for making fine art reproductions.  Full color printing ALWAYS has to be on a white shirt.  If you are just looking for a few shirts, screen printing is probably not the best option for your needs.

Will I get my shirts tomorrow?
No. Screen printing is a multi-step process, and we certainly don't have your custom printed shirts printed in advanced of your order. Please be realistic. We will never promise an order in less than a week, and we recommend that you allow two weeks or more. Remember, our free shipping offer is for regular ground shipping using the carrier of our choice. If you need the shirts in a hurry, we can ship them next day air, but you will be responsible for the cost of the shipping, and the cost of the shipping.

How do I know I am getting a good quality shirt?
All our products are first quality major brand names. We do not offer second quality products. The truth is second quality shirts only cost about a dime less than first quality, so why would anyone want to purchase seconds? We proudly display our catalog of products so that you can choose your favorite brand.

What if I don't like your printing?
We have tried our best to explain screen printing on this site. Please make sure that you understand the advantages and disadvantages of screen printing before you place an order. We are a professional company with a staff that takes pride in producing a quality product, but there are limitations and trade offs with any printing process. Go to any major clothing retailer, ask them if they can show you some screen printed apparel. If you are satisfied with the screen printed apparel you see in major stores, you will be satisfied with our printing, conversely if you are not happy with the screen printing you see in the stores, you will not be satisfied with our product either.

I need 5 different designs printed and 100 shirts each...
To us, that is 5 different orders of 100 each, not 1 order of 500. Every design change results in having to change the screen and thus results in an additional setup charge.

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